"The disappearance of a prostitute triggers a turbulent investigation by a man cut off from reality by his imagination, only to find that she also leads another upper middle class existence in suburbia. Seen through this man’s warped mind, Little Deaths is a London thriller about identity and isolation, desire and despair."

We are happy to announce that our feature film “Little Deaths “ has now reached the last stages of principle photography. We are now in post-production.

Shooting took place in the UK in Derbyshire, Oxfordshire and London.

We would like to thank the wider cast and crew for all their hard word on the project. It was a real privilege working with everyone, and this film could not have been made without everyone’s invaluable input. The film will require funding to complete post-production. Please contact us on info@carbonark.com if you are interested being part of the project.

V I E W   C R E D I T S